Salangfisk was established in 1979 and has been operating since. Today's salmon hatch produce about 600,000 smolt a year and has 2 employees. In new location and with new content, future production will be increased and quality assured. By 2018, a completely new RAS plant will be cleared at Salangsverket, which has a budgeted production capacity of 6,000,000 large-smolt a year, in a total volume of 9,900 cubic meters. The base will measure 8,600 square meters and at the top there will be approx. 800 square meters of offices, canteens and teaching rooms. The building is expected to be completed in spring 2018.


Traditionally, smolt has been put out in the sea when they are 70-100 grams, where the production time in the sea is 15-18 months. The new plant, which will provide a 250gram smolt, could reduce the production time in the sea by 6-8 months. We will, with the help of new technology, move the first phase of salmon's life into the sea on land. By doing this, we reduce production time on the locations. In addition, it is possible to achieve reduced mortality in the sea phase, a 250 gram smolt is more robust and equipped for seawater phase than 70-100 grams smolt. The bilogic pressure on the sea is reduced. The time when the fish can be exposed to louse is reduced, and we can avoid some technical operations in the sea, which involves moving fish from smolt bag to bigfish bag. Overall, a risk reduction, based on a principle that every day and operation involves risk.