Salaks AS is a wholly integrated salmon farming company based in Salangen, Troms. The company was established in 1985 and is owned locally. Salaks AS currently has five licenses for food fish and has been awarded a green license. The company has six locations for the production of food fish, located in Salangen, Lavangen and Dyrøy municipality. Salaks AS also has its own slaughterhouse in Rotvik in Salangen. The company currently has 73 employees, and a total production of nearly 9000 tonnes each year.


The slaughterhouse was established in 1989 and has since grown to have a capacity of 50-60 tons per day, which corresponds to approximately 150 million dinner meals. Today, the slaughterhouse has 20 employees, consisting of local and foreign labor. The fish slaughtered here is almost just our own fish.


Skjellesvika (green license)

Status: Set out in the ocean autum 2016

Localization: Harstad

68° 91.196` N, 16° 64.645` Ø

Production capacity: 4700 tonnes

Environmental measures: Liceskirts and 250 grams smolt


Status: Slaughter is in progress

Localization: Dyrøy

69° 7.730` N, 17° 47.853` Ø

Production capacity: 3600 tonnes

Enviromental measures: Sonic Norway Ultrasound


Status: No fish

Localization: Salangen

68° 53.773` N, 17° 29.239` Ø

Production capacity: 4500 tonns


Status: Utsett vår 2016

Lokalisering: Lavangen kommune

68° 47.109` N, 17° 38.361` Ø

Produksjonskapasitet: 4500 tonn

Miljøtiltak: Luseskjørt og Sonic Norway Ultralyd


Status: No fish

Localization: Lavangen

68° 48.742` N, 17° 31.215` Ø

Production capacity: 4500 tonns


Status: No fish

Localization: Salangen

68° 51.229` N, 17° 31.258` Ø

Production capacity: 4500 tonns


Status: Ingen utsett

Lokalisering: Sørreisa kommune

  69° 09.086` N, 17° 57.372` Ø

Produksjonskapasitet: 3600 tonn