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Green licens

Green salmon licens aim to improve the industry's environmental work and are given to companies that work to solve environmental challenges. This means that the company has some self-imposed criteria that have been accepted as innovative. The goal here is to reduce louse pressures and other environmental challenges. In 2014, Salaks AS was awarded a green license, where the most important measure here was to launch large-smolt in the sea.


Traditionally, smolt has been put out in the sea when they are 70-100 grams, where the production time in the sea is 15-18 months. By building a new recycling plant that produces 250 grams of smolt, we can reduce the production time in the sea by 6-8 months. We will, with the help of new technology, move the first phase of salmon's life into the sea on land. By doing this, we reduce production time on sea. In addition, it is possible to reduced mortality in the sea phase, a 250 grams smolt is more robust and equipped for seawater phase than a 70-100 grams smolt. The bilogic pressure on the sea is reduced. The time when the fish can be exposed to louse is reduced, and we ca avoid some technical operations in the sea, which involves moving fish from smolt bag to bigfish bag. Overall, a risk reduction, based on a principle that every day and operation involves risk. The new recycling plant is being built and completed in the summer of 2017 at Salangsverket, in Salangen. The plant has a price tag of 300 million NOK, and is going to produce six million 250 grams smolt.

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