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Feeding center

Salaks has established its own feed center which is responsible for feeding in all our locations. This center gives our own team full control of all feeding taking place at sea. Using cameras on each cage we get full control of feeding the fish. Feed is the biggest input factor in the industry, it is also the most important value creation activity, so it is very important and vital that the company has full control over this.

Although the feeding center is brand new, Salaks AS has for a long time operated camera monitoring at all its locations. What is new now is that the monitoring and feeding take place in one feeding center, not at each location as before. This way we can optimize and further specialize this activity.


Camera Monitoring

Each cage is monitored using cameras as films both above and below water. They are also possible to move up and down to get a good overview of the cages. The cameras over water provide opportunities to zoom in and get better control of the facility, especially if there is bad weather. While the cameras underwater give us good control over the fish, its eating patterns and behavior in the water.

Benefits of the feeding center

The advantage of having a feeding center and camera monitored feeding is simply that you have more control over feeding because you can see how hungry the fish is and can adjust the amount of feed after it is fed up. This way you can feed in relation to the fish's eating patterns, avoiding overfeeding. Having your own team working at the feed center also allows the team to fully focus on feeding and specialize in the field to optimize the activity.

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